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Why are Americans so unhappy?

WGRC News - Tue, 08/26/2014 - 1:30pm

Every recent poll agrees, American optimism is dying.
When asked if “life for our children’s generation will be better than it has been for us. 76 percent said they do not have such confidence. Only 21 percent did. That was the worst ever recorded in the poll; in 2001, 49 percent were confident and 43 percent not.
And it’s not confined to one group either. The rich are as down as the poor, women are as down as men, blacks are as down as whites. Young people are only slightly less depressed than the old.
The gloom goes beyond wealth, gender, race, region, age and ideology. This fractious nation is united by one thing: lost faith in the United States. The Wall Street Journal says, the torrent of bad news the media is feeding us 24/7 producing a widespread sense that the world is falling apart.

Categories: Local News

Police still investigating a home invasion

WGRC News - Tue, 08/26/2014 - 1:29pm

Police are still investigating a home invasion over the weekend in Williamsport.The unamned couple was sleeping on downstairs couches when two men broke in carrying guns and demanding cash and other items from the two. They were tied up and the men got away with money and cellphones. Williamsport police are not saying whether or not they believe the robbery was random or not. No one arrests have been made.

Categories: Local News

No end in sight for Millville’s teacher strike

WGRC News - Tue, 08/26/2014 - 1:29pm

There appears to be no end in sight to a teacher strike in Columbia County.
Teachers in the Millville Area School District held a rally last night.
The teachers joined concerned parents and students at a school board meeting that took over the entire high school library. WBRE says, The school board president told the crowd that extra curricular activities will continue during the strike. Some parents are furious that the teachers can strike until October 1st, calling on both sides to come together and reach an agreement in the best interest of the students.

Categories: Local News

South Korea the Little League World Series Champs

WGRC News - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 11:46am

The Little League World Series wrapped up at the complex in South Williamsport yesterday with Seoul South Korea taking an 8–4 win over the Jackie Robinson Little League of Chicago. The South Korea team went through the 10 day series with a 5–0 record while Chicago finished with a 5–2 record. The series wrapped up with close to 28,000 announced attending the championship game and brought in millions of dollars to our area over the ten days. Very few problems were reported over the length of the event and a good time was had by all.

Categories: Local News

2 injured in 3 vehicle crash

WGRC News - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 11:45am

A couple riding a motorcycle were injured in a three vehicle crash on Route 15 in Clinton Township early last evening. The crash occurred four miles south of South Williamsport as a car and pick-up truck and the cycle collided. The couple who were riding the bike was not identified and were taken to the hospital for treatment of moderate injuries. No one else was injured and state police are investigating that Lycoming County crash.

Categories: Local News

High School Student Suspended for saying Bless You

WGRC News - Thu, 08/21/2014 - 12:57pm

A high school student was allegedly suspended after breaking a class rule of saying “bless you” after a classmate sneezed. Kendra Turner, a senior at Dyer County High School in Tennessee said bless you to her classmate who sneezed and the teacher told her that the term was for church. The student said that she had to finish the class period in in-school suspension.
The girl’s parents were told by school leaders that their daughter shouted “bless you” across the room and that it was a classroom distraction. School officials told her parents Tuesday that the teacher claimed that their daughter was aggressive and disruptive.
Some of Turner’s classmates supported her by wearing hand made bless you shirts. She explained that she doesn’t want trouble for her teacher but that she’ll stand up for her faith no matter what.

Categories: Local News

Family of 15 homeless after fire destroyed their home

WGRC News - Thu, 08/21/2014 - 12:56pm

A family of 15 people are without a home after a fire destroyed their house in Dewart Tuesday night.
The fire broke out around 8pm at the Springtown Road home of Amos and Emma Hostetler and their 13 children ages pre-school to their early 20’s. The parents were on a cross-country trip and the children were down the road at a bar-b-que when the fire broke out. Thankfully, no one was injured. Fire investigators have determined that the cause of that fire was unattended cooking on the stove in the kitchen. The home was ruled a total loss.

Categories: Local News

Millville Teachers on 2nd day of Strike

WGRC News - Thu, 08/21/2014 - 12:55pm

The teachers in the Millville Area School District are on their second day of a strike that was called for the opening of school yesterday. The teachers and district are at odds over salaries of which teachers say they haven’t had a raise in three years. Health care costs and professional development incentives are also a sticking point. It’s not known yet how long the strike will last. That will be up to the state board of education. No new negotiating sessions have been scheduled.

Categories: Local News

Preliminary hearings in rock throwing incident

WGRC News - Wed, 08/20/2014 - 1:52pm

The four teens involved in the rock throwing incident last month in Union County will face further court proceedings. Keefer McGee, Dylan Lahr and Tyler Porter all waived their preliminary hearings yesterday. 18 year old Brett Lahr did not and was ordered held over on all charges against him in the incident. McGee testified against Lahr and the others telling the court the four set out to cause some damage the night that Sharon Budd of Ohio was struck in the face by a large rock thrown from the overpass along Route 80. Her husband testified saying it was the most gruesome thing he’d ever seen.

Categories: Local News

Little League World Series

WGRC News - Wed, 08/20/2014 - 1:51pm

A large crowd is expected tonight at Lamade Stadium in South Williamsport for this evening’s winner’s bracket game between the team from Philadelphia and Las Vegas. Around 40,000 people to be exact. You are reminded that traffic into the Little League complex will be heavy and will probably be backed up for hours leading up to the 7:30 start.

Categories: Local News

Common Core Losing Support

WGRC News - Wed, 08/20/2014 - 1:50pm

A new survey shows that support for the federal education standards known as the Common Core is slipping. Education Next, an education journal from Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, surveyed 5,000 respondents (including a number of educators) and found that just 40 percent of teachers back the Common Core compared to 76 percent just a year ago. At the same time, teacher opposition has tripled from 12 to 40 percent. Public support is also slipping. In 2013, 65 percent of the general public favored the standards compared to 53 percent today.

Categories: Local News

Funeral for teen shot is Monday

WGRC News - Wed, 08/20/2014 - 9:39am

Funeral services for the black teen killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri are planned for Monday. The death of Michael Brown brings Attorney General Eric Holder to that area today to get the latest on the investigation. A St. Louis County spokeswoman now says that 57 people were booked at the county jail on Monday and Tuesday. The national guard has been there to control the crowds. Not helping matters is the fact that yesterday, a police officer fatally shot a man brandishing a knife, and that was a couple of miles away from Ferguson.

Categories: Local News

Superintendent pick appears close for Juniata

WGRC News - Wed, 08/20/2014 - 9:37am

The Juniata County School District Board appears to be close to hiring a new superintendent. The board meets tomorrow night, and the Lewistown Sentinel says agenda for the meeting shows the recommendation of hiring Keith yarger for the job. He was among two candidates the community met earlier this month. His appointment would be effective on Monday.

Categories: Local News

Strike for teachers in Millville

WGRC News - Wed, 08/20/2014 - 9:36am

A teachers’ strike in the Millville Area School District means there’s no school today, or until further notice. The teachers have reportedly been working without a contract for more than 2 and a half years, and WNEP says the district and teachers couldn’t come to an agreement at a meeting last night. Apparently some sticking points are raises, an increase in healthcare costs, and professional development incentives.

Categories: Local News