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Updated: 3 hours 20 min ago

Luis Palau Moves to NYC Ahead of Massive Central Park Crusade; Evangelistic Giant Follows in Footsteps of Pope John Paul II, Billy Graham

7 hours 44 min ago
Evangelist Luis Palau, whose ministry is based in Portland, Oregon, has revealed that he and his wife will be moving temporarily to New York City ahead of a massive, and likely historical, evangelistic and celebratory event taking place this summer at the Big Apple's iconic Central Park.
Categories: Christian Post

United Methodist Church Considering New Process for Homosexuality Debate

Sun, 05/03/2015 - 10:47am
The United Methodist Church is considering a new process for proposals given at General Conference for agenda items pertaining to the debate over the denomination's stance on homosexuality.
Categories: Christian Post

Passion for Truth Ministries Pastor Jim Staley Confesses to Cheating Investors Out of $3.3M and Pocketing $570K for Himself

Fri, 05/01/2015 - 6:26pm
Passion for Truth Ministries Pastor Jim Stanley, 40, who told his St. Charles, Missouri, congregation last summer that he didn't realize he had been arrested after a federal grand jury indicted him last June for defrauding investors, admitted in federal court Thursday that he cheated his elderly victims out of $3.3 million while making $570,000 for himself.
Categories: Christian Post

Breakaway South Carolina Episcopal Diocese Mulling Affiliation With Conservative Anglican Group

Fri, 05/01/2015 - 4:02pm
A diocese that broke away from The Episcopal Church in 2012 over theological and personal differences might join a prominent conservative Anglican group.
Categories: Christian Post

Baltimore Pastor Cautions Christians Against Labeling Young Looters as 'Thugs' or 'Animals;' Says They Could Be the Church's Future Apostle Pauls

Fri, 05/01/2015 - 12:39pm
As the rioting, looting, and burning of homes and businesses that erupted earlier this week threatened to overshadow the weeks-long peaceful protests that have been ongoing in Baltimore, the word "thug" began rolling off of lips and popping up on social media accounts, including on those belonging to some Christians shocked by the violent scenes playing out on TV networks like CNN. However, one Baltimore pastor, recalling the Apostle Paul's transition from the persecutor Saul, warned against simply condemning "rioters as unsalvageable thugs."
Categories: Christian Post

From Restoring Catalina Casino to Lives of Alcoholics, Drug Abusers Through Jesus Christ: Spectra Company President Ray Adamyk (Interview)

Fri, 05/01/2015 - 7:37am
"What I want to do with the rest of my life, even though I'm involved with the restoration of historic buildings, is fully involve myself in the restoration of men's lives," he told me from his office in Pomona, California, recently.
Categories: Christian Post

Russell Moore Calls on Church to Embrace 'Refugees of the Sexual Revolution'

Thu, 04/30/2015 - 9:45am
Speaking to the largest Latino Christian organization in the world Tuesday, Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, said that the sexual revolution will fail and the Church must be prepared to embrace those "refugees of the sexual revolution."
Categories: Christian Post

Baltimore Pastor of Diverse Church Located Just Blocks From Rioting Says White Christians Need to Acknowledge Systemic Racism

Thu, 04/30/2015 - 8:07am
The pastor of a youthful and racially-diverse congregation located just a few blocks from the CVS pharmacy set on fire by rioters amid otherwise peaceful protests in Baltimore says it's time for white Christians to acknowledge the existence of systemic racism in America and to listen to those who are angry and hurting in order to help find meaningful solutions.
Categories: Christian Post

Southern Baptist Pastors' Conference Cancels Ben Carson as Speaker for Political, Theological Reasons

Tue, 04/28/2015 - 6:53pm
Potential presidential candidate Ben Carson was recently disinvited from a speaking invitation at a Southern Baptist Pastor's Conference in Columbus, Ohio, in June, because of concerns raised by some Baptist pastors.
Categories: Christian Post