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Epidemic in India: illiteracy

Mission Network News - Fri, 11/14/2014 - 5:00am

(Photo Courtesy Mission India)

India (MNI) -- Nearly half of all women in India cannot read or write. But Grand Rapids, Michigan- based Mission India is providing free Adult Literacy Classes. Like many women, Gujari hasn’t known anything but poverty. She was born to poor parents who had a hard time just making enough money to feed their children. Gujari’s parents saw her as a burden. Like her siblings, Gujari never stepped foot in a school as a child. Her parents arranged her marriage to a poor laborer. Gujari dreamed of being freed from poverty someday, but her hopes faded as she gave birth to three children. (The oldest two are 6 and 3 years old, and the youngest is still a baby.) Her husband worked extra hours doing whatever odd jobs he could find to support their family. They managed to survive, but sometimes the whole family had to go hungry. This deeply concerned Gujari. One day, she heard about free literacy classes starting in her village. When she heard that these classes would help her gain skills to start her own business, she enrolled. Gujari grew in reading, writing, and basic math skills. Her teachers also shared the Word of God with her. During a special training at her classes, Gujari learned how to make various products, such as cleaning chemicals. She is eagerly putting her new skills to the test by planning out her own business selling products at the market for a small profit. For $30 you can give the gift of literacy to someone in India. Click here. Pray for Gujari and other Indian women who take the classes to learn of God’s grace and gain new skills to help them survive.
Categories: Mission Network News

Porch fire ruled accidental

WGRC News - Thu, 11/13/2014 - 2:43pm

Accidental is the ruling in a Williamsport fire last month. The fire started on the enclosed front porch of a home at 609 Howard Street in the Newberry section of Williamsport owned by Brenda McAllister and caused $75,000 dollars in damage. Fire investigators have ruled that the fire was caused by careless use of smoking materials. McAllister and her family are temporarily homeless due to the fire.

Categories: Local News

Teen Crime Spree

WGRC News - Thu, 11/13/2014 - 2:42pm

Big trouble for three area teens accused of stealing a vehicle and then going on a crime spree early this month. Police say, Evan Burley, Jason Dulaney and a 13 year old boy stole a vehicle from the Williamsport Middle School Parking lot. They then drove into the Windswept Lane area of Linden near Level Corners and committed several burglaries. The vehicle was later found burned out along Windswept Drive and the three were taken into custody for a nearby burglary. Burley and Dulaney are locked up and the 13 year old was turned over to juvenile authorities.

Categories: Local News

Lycoming County Budget

WGRC News - Thu, 11/13/2014 - 2:42pm

It’s budget time in Lycoming County. County Commissioners say a draft version of the 2015 county budget will go on display today with adoption set for December 11th. It’s not known if that budget will contain a tax increase, though there have been hints that county taxes may go up. County officials do say that revenues are expected to rise slightly with expenditures down a bit. The budget will be on display online at www.lyco.org

Categories: Local News

Governor Corbett’s Medicaid changes

WGRC News - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 2:44pm

Governor Corbett’s administration has sent out letters to hundreds of thousands of Medicaid enrollees informing them of the changes due to overhauls in the Medicaid plan in the Commonwealth. The notices inform the enrollees that they will be sorted into one of two plans which best fit their needs. The actual plan changes are not yet available due to the state not yet having federal government approval. Governor Elect Tom Wolf has come out against the changes saying that he believes they are a reduction in benefits for the poor.

Categories: Local News

1st International Day of the Bible

WGRC News - Wed, 11/12/2014 - 2:43pm

Several large Bible ministry groups are calling for the first International Day of the Bible and are encouraging groups of any size to read or articulate Scripture in creative ways publicly or online without any commentary at noon local time on November 24. This is a very simple act of faithfulness and honor to God about His word, Richard Glickstein, president of the National Bible Association, told The Christian Post. “God’s word is meant to encourage us and bring us personal hope. People of all ages are being invited to participate in International Day of the Bible by taking pause for a few minutes to read or even sing Scripture or otherwise creatively express their love of The Good Book.

Categories: Local News