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Moeller named Biblica CEO

Mission Network News - Tue, 09/23/2014 - 5:00am

Carl Moeller named Biblica CEO.

USA (MNN) -- Biblica announced Monday that its Board of Directors, by unanimous vote, has appointed Dr. Carl A. Moeller as its Chief Executive Officer, effective October 14, 2014. Since 2000, Dr. Moeller served three years as a pastor at Saddleback Church, then nine years as president and CEO for Open Doors, USA, before founding Sequoia Global Resources in 2012. He will replace Doug Lockhart, who announced last March that he would transition from his role as Biblica’s CEO by early 2015. As president of Open Doors, Dr. Moeller helped awaken churches in the West to the ongoing persecution of Christians in other parts of the world. During his time with Sequoia Global Resources, he helped cultivate philanthropic partnerships to address some of the most intractable global needs, including poverty, autism, education, and more. He has worked in more than 75 countries around the world and is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Free Church. "Throughout our search, we have been careful to seek God’s wisdom and direction as we make this important selection. We feel confident that Carl is the right person to lead Biblica into our next season of ministry," said Rob Gluskin, chair of Biblica's Board of Directors. "His unique combination of global experience, organizational leadership, and ministry-mindedness is exactly what we need as we help millions of people around the world connect more deeply with the Scriptures." "I am grateful that Carl answered the call to become the next leader of Biblica," said outgoing CEO Doug Lockhart. “Biblica is an amazing ministry, and I believe God will continue to bless its work under Carl’s leadership." Mission Network News caught up with Moeller after the announcement was made. He talked about how his experience with Open Doors has prepared him for his work at Biblica, "knowing brothers and sisters in Christ who suffer--even lose their lives to obtain a copy of God's Word. So to work with an organization that serves the persecuted church, providing Bibles resources for more than 100 million people around the world, is a perfect fit." What's the commonality? "Biblica is a natural partner with organizations like Open Doors who serve persecuted Christians, because we're able to let them focus on the things that they do best, while we focus on the things that we do best, which is the Bible and getting a readable translation of God's Word into people's hands and into their hearts." Moeller says while Americans can get Bibles, there's a problem in the USA. "Are we getting the Bible into our hearts? Are we reading it well? And are we engaging with it? I believe this is another call on Biblica. We must make that challenge as well, not just taking Bibles across the globe." Dr. Moeller will assume the role of CEO on October 14, 2014. "Biblica has been doing Kingdom work for over 200 years: providing Bibles for those who don’t have any and helping those who do to experience them more deeply," he said. "I am so thrilled to be joining this incredible global ministry." Moeller will helm a global leadership team consisting of Scott Bolinder, Executive Vice President; Bob Dinolfo, Chief Financial Officer; Ken Norwood, Vice President of Philanthropy and Major Relations; Munengi Mulandi, Area Executive Director for Africa; Stephen Cave, Area Executive Director for Europe; Esteban Fernandez, Area Executive Director for Latin America; and Richard Loh, Area Executive Director for East Asia Pacific.
Categories: Christian Post

Pakistan: vulnerability for Christians

Mission Network News - Tue, 09/23/2014 - 5:00am

(Photo courtesy Voice of the Martyrs USA)

Pakistan (MNN/VOM) -- In Pakistan, believers marked the one-year anniversary of the All Saints Church bombing in Peshawar. On 22 September 2013, two suicide bombers attacked, killing 98 people. Over 150 were injured. Though regarded as the worst attack on a church in the country's history, Christians and other religious minorities remain vulnerable, despite government efforts to quell extremist persecution. At the same time, the country's blasphemy laws remain firmly in place. The message this sends to the Christian community is, "You don't matter." Blasphemy laws are often wielded as a weapon against Christians, placing the burden of proof on the accused, rather than on the accuser. Todd Nettleton, a spokesman for the Voice of the Martyrs USA, says abuse of the law is rampant. "If you have a property dispute, if you have some kind of a relational dispute, you can simply accuse somebody of blasphemy and they get locked up for years even if there's no evidence, even if there's no case against them." The figurehead for that issue is Asia Bibi. In June 2009, she was involved in an argument with a group of Muslim women with whom she had been harvesting berries after the other women became angry at her for drinking the same water as they drank. One of the women accused her of blasphemy, and Asia was arrested and imprisoned. Nettleton says, "When that kind of a conversation can lead to five years in prison, you can imagine that any Christian thinks twice about sharing their faith. They think twice about sharing Jesus with their Muslim neighbors and co-workers and friends." Asia was convicted in 2009 of blasphemy against the prophet Mohamed, sentenced to death, but appealed immediately. Nettleton says, "That appeal was a couple of years ago, and she's been waiting ever since for the High Court to hear her appeal. We've had six times now where they've announced a hearing and said, Yes, we're going to have a hearing,' and they have delayed for some reason or another."

(Photo courtesy Voice of the Martyrs USA)

According to the Voice of the Martyrs, last week's court hearing was postponed again, but this time reportedly at the request of her husband, Ashiq Masih. "The judge has said that this going to be the last time. The hearing is now scheduled for October 16. Basically the judge has said, 'We are going to have that hearing one way or another.'" Nettleton goes on to say that even if things go Bibi's way in the appeal, it's still not over. "Even if the court dismisses the charges and she walks out of the courtroom a free woman, she's not a safe woman at that point. There have been threats against her. What we hope for is justice and that will mean that she's set free. But then, at that point, she becomes a marked woman on the outside of prison."

(Photo courtesy Voice of the Martyrs)

A demand for change would go deep, says Nettleton. "Really, the injustice of the blasphemy laws is something that needs to be addressed by the Pakistani government, and it's something that so far they haven't addressed in the main due to the pressure from radicals in Pakistan who don't want the laws to change." Please continue to pray for Asia Bibi, as well as for her husband, Ashiq, and their daughters. "Pray for justice. We pray for a fair hearing. We pray for the judges to rule fairly and correctly. And I think we need to pray for the safety in the process. The judges in her case have been threatened." For the Church at large in Pakistan, "Pray for encouragement, that they won't be overcome by fear, but that they can march boldly forward and can be bold witnesses for Christ in spite of the risk that that entails." You can also voice your support for Asia's release by signing the online petition at www.CallForMercy.com and by writing letters to her in prison at www.PrisonerAlert.com.
Categories: Christian Post

AAA Gas Prices

WGRC News - Fri, 09/05/2014 - 12:57pm

AAA says gasoline prices should fall in September through the end of the year as people drive less and because refineries can produce a less expensive winter-blend gasoline. AAA expects gas prices nationally could decline another 10–20 cents per gallon by the end of October, barring any major refinery or overseas problems.
Consumers this week were paying the lowest average prices since late February. At $3.43, yesterday the average was about 16 cents per gallon cheaper than a year ago and the lowest average for the same day since 2010. The national average has remained under $3.50 per gallon for 31 consecutive days.
In Williamsport gas is at 3.35

Categories: Local News

Atheist kicked out of Commissioners meeting

WGRC News - Thu, 09/04/2014 - 12:48pm

An atheist was escorted out of a Florida city public meeting for refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, prompting outcry from secular organizations.
John Thoreau remained seated for both the opening invocation and Pledge during a meeting of the Winter Garden City Commissioners last week.
Winter Garden City Mayor John Rees said Thoreau had to either stand for the pledge or leave the meeting. In response to the mayor’s action, The Freedom From Religion Foundation has stepped in, sending a letter of protest, asking the mayor to make public statements at the next meeting, repudiating their behavior and recognizing the rights of citizens to remain seated for prayers and pledges that falsely claim we are ‘one nation under God.’” According to the Thoreau, The Mayor demanded that he stand for the pledge out of respect for the country and for troops serving overseas.

Categories: Local News

Inmate attempts to flee work release

WGRC News - Thu, 09/04/2014 - 12:46pm

A Lycoming County Prison work-release inmate attempted to flee his assigned work crew early yesterday afternoon in a heavy wooded area of Armstrong Township. Rick Digan was part of a crew assigned to a county recycling truck when he fled into the woods along Mosquito Valley Road. He was captured within 90 minutes.

Categories: Local News

Lycoming County Heroin Task Force

WGRC News - Thu, 09/04/2014 - 12:46pm

The Lycoming County Heroin Task Force held a public meeting last night at the Wheeland Center. They talked about the growing heroin problem, both locally and elsewhere, and they noted the rising use of prescription drugs. Law enforcement officials advised people to contact police if they observe suspicious activity such as frequent gatherings of people at a residence at different hours of the day.

Categories: Local News

Correctional officer hurt in prison attack

WGRC News - Thu, 09/04/2014 - 6:05am

State Police in Northumberland County are investigating the attempted killing of a correctional officer at a state prison. WNEP says it happened Sunday morning. An inmate put the officer in a choke hold in the prison yard, and tried to slash the officer’s neck with a weapon. The officer was able to fight him off, and was taken to a hospital… the inmate was taken to another correctional facility.

Categories: Local News

Man convicted for trying to kill woman

WGRC News - Thu, 09/04/2014 - 6:04am

A Schuykill County jury this week found a Mahanoy City man guilty of setting a woman’s house on fire and trying to kill her. The incident happened in December of last year. 29 year old Joseph Yeich was accused of repeatedly hitting Elrena Gibson, throwing bleach in her face, then torching a pile of laundry that was next to her. The woman managed to escape. Yeich was convicted of charges including aggravated assault, causing a catastrophe, arson, criminal mischief, and recklessly endangering another person.

Categories: Local News

Quality of Life crimes in San Antonio Texas

WGRC News - Wed, 09/03/2014 - 2:09pm

It looks like helping the less fortunate in San Antonio, Texas will now become a crime.
They’re calling them “Quality Of Life Crimes”. Today the San Antonio City Public Safety Committee is discussing a measure which will allow city police to ticket motorists who give money to those ‘cardboard sign panhandlers’ along a highway or street. City officials say the idea is to get the panhandlers to get off the streets and go somewhere else. However, an expert on homeless issues say the city should be doing exactly the opposite, saying, it looks like the ordinance is really criminalizing homeless people.

Categories: Local News

Man shot by Sunbury Police is charged

WGRC News - Wed, 09/03/2014 - 2:08pm

A man who was shot by Sunbury police was in court yesterday. Erick Trometter was shot by Sunbury’s acting police chief in July. He’s since recovered and is being charged with assaulting his grandmother. She says he punched her leg and kicked her multiple times in the face. Police say her face was black and blue and swollen. Trometter was shot, as police were trying to apprehend him in that incident.

Categories: Local News

Lycoming County Balloon Festival and Air Show

WGRC News - Wed, 09/03/2014 - 2:07pm

The Lycoming County Rotary Clubs Balloonfest,and Air Show is coming to the Lycoming County Fairgrounds in Hughesville on September 13th. The event is in it’s 9th year and offers, Balloon rides, helicopter rides Food vendors, crafters, exhibits, kids puppet ministry, strolling entertainment and so much more. No Pets ~ No firearms and No alcohol is allowed, but make sure to bring your lawn chair.

Categories: Local News

Boy assaulted at bus stop

WGRC News - Tue, 09/02/2014 - 11:44am

A Lycoming County woman is speaking out after she said a man punched her son in the face.
WBRE TV says, It happened last Tuesday as 11-year-old Gage Smith was walking home from a school bus stop in Williamsport. His mother Jennifer said Gage helped break up a fight between two other kids, and an uncle of one of those boys followed Gage home and punched him in the face. The name of the suspect is unknown at this time, but an arrest is pending.

Categories: Local News

Williamsport Area High School project completed

WGRC News - Tue, 09/02/2014 - 11:44am

The Construction at Williamsport Area High School is finally completed. The energy efficiencies included in the $29 million project is expected to save $9.4 million annually, money that will be used to upgrade other buildings in the Williamsport Area School District. Repairing the infrastructure of the high school was the district’s top goal with the construction project that was finished over the summer, according to Dr. Don Adams, superintendent. The project updated the electrical, heating and ventilation systems, improving the educational and improved support areas like the gymnasium, locker rooms and pool area.

Categories: Local News

President lobbies for minimum wage increase

WGRC News - Tue, 09/02/2014 - 6:19am

President Obama is pushing a minimum wage hike. The President went to Milwaukee for a Labor Day appearance yesterday. He said workers are better off than when he took office in 2009.

Categories: Local News

Fee could be charged for use of state game lands

WGRC News - Tue, 09/02/2014 - 6:18am

Later this month, the Pennsylvania Game Commission will consider whether to make people pay a fee to use state game lands. The Lewistown Sentinel says the Commissioners may vote on the proposal on September 23rd at 8:30am at the Lamplighter Inn in Delmont. That vote comes a day after a meeting where people can go to that same location to comment on the proposal. The annual fee would be $30, and would be charged to those over the age of 16 who ride snowmobiles, bicycles, or horses on designated trails in game land areas.

Categories: Local News

New code enforcement officer for Gilberton

WGRC News - Tue, 09/02/2014 - 6:17am

Gilberton recently decided to hire a new code enforcement officer. The Republican Herald says the borough council has hired John Boxer to take over the job, which had been done by the mayor on a short-term basis. Boxer is the former code enforcement officer for Shenandoah, and had done that job for three years.

Categories: Local News

Burglary suspect arrested

WGRC News - Fri, 08/29/2014 - 1:08pm

Police have arrested a man suspected of burglary. On Wednesday, a Williamsport police officer took Kyle Andrews into custody. Andrews is accused of entering a vacant home and cutting out all the electrical wire, then cashing it in as scrap. A search of the man’s vehicle turned up empty bags suspected of having had heroin in them, as well as Hydrochloride pills. Andrews is locked up in Lycoming County Prison.

Categories: Local News

Accused murderer caught in PA sent back to New York

WGRC News - Fri, 08/29/2014 - 1:08pm

Big trouble for a Brooklyn New York man. 20 year old Tysahwn Waddy was captured in Northumberland County last week. He is wanted for murder in New York City. Waddy has decided not to fight extradition and will be returned to Brooklyn to face the murder charges. He was captured in Coal Township and is wanted in the June 29th shooting in which three persons were injured, one of them eventually dying. He was considered extremely dangerous and a Northumberland County District Judge set his bail at $15 million dollars, the highest ever levied by that judge.

Categories: Local News

Obama doesn’t have stradegy for ISIS

WGRC News - Fri, 08/29/2014 - 1:06pm

President Obama has taken quite a lot of heat from talk shows and Republicans since he used an unfortunate phrase in a press conference yesterday saying he doesn’t have a strategy with regard to ISIS, with the crisis in Iraq. However, others in his administration have been vocal about the need to move into the country. Even Democratic lawmakers are calling on the administration to take action.
Current and former U.S. intelligence officials say jihadi chatter has picked up among overseas terrorists organizations on phone lines and the Internet ahead this year’s 9/11 anniversary.

Categories: Local News