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Congregation Votes to Keep Pastor Accused of Allegedly Stealing Nearly $1 Million

Christian Post - Church & Ministry - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 12:57pm
An Oklahoma pastor was given a second chance by his congregation after they met Wednesday night to vote on allowing him to stay as senior leader despite being accused of allegedly embezzling nearly $1 million from church funds.
Categories: Christian Post

Protecting Our Future

Christian Post - Living - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 12:29pm
We live in a pleasure-oriented culture that focuses on the present. God does not want us to sacrifice future blessings for short-term enjoyments. Let's take a look at Esau's story and learn from his mistakes.
Categories: Christian Post

The Gospel Can Transform Culture No Matter How Dark the Times, Os Guinness Says in New Book (CP Interview)

Christian Post - Church & Ministry - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 12:04pm
The Gospel of Jesus Christ has a transforming effect when it is lived out personally, but when the Church tries to do God's work in the world's ways, it is weak, Os Guinness explained in his new book, Renaissance: The Power of the Gospel However Dark the Times.
Categories: Christian Post

Good news emerges from Syrian bombing

Mission Network News - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 5:00am

U.S. and coalition forces continue bombing Syria and Iraq.

Syria (MNN) -- As the U.S. and coalition forces continue bombing ISIS inside Syria, an amazing Good-News story is emerging. Yesterday, U.S. officials told us five additional strikes on ISIS targets in both Iraq and Syria were launched in an attempt to stop the terrorist organization. Despite the attacks and widespread destruction in Syria, Alexsa MacDowall with E3 Partners says, "Right now, as the airstrikes are going on, we're seeing and hearing a lot of the believers and Muslim-background believers are trying to get their families together and flee to neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, and even Turkey as time rolls on. Some of them are staying, but for the most part, most of them are trying to leave." MacDowall says over one million refugees are in Jordan alone. More are expected in other countries as the Syrian bombing intensifies. In years past, sharing the Gospel was difficult at best, and openness was limited. But with this unrest, she says, "They're actually way more open to the Gospel. There are different reasons for that. One is: Jesus is appearing to them in dreams and visions. At the same time, in this time of difficulty, they're seeing the faith that these believers have is carrying them through this." When they see this, they begin asking questions. "When they see the peace that believers have, they want to know about it. They're searching. They've very open."

This pastor and his family are still in Syria sharing Jesus.

MacDowall collects prayer request from believers on the ground for their 8thirty8 Facebook page. She's in contact with a pastor in Syria, and there's good news: "What's interesting is that in the midst of this turmoil, a lot of Muslims are starting to stream into the churches. About half of his small house church was composed of Muslim background believers." E3 Partners is coming alongside Christians in Jordan to help them reach out in Jesus' name. "We're pouring prayer, resources, and training into believers there to help them open up their homes [to the refugees], to help them start house churches as well as meet the needs in their communities." There are some tangible ways you can help. First, "PRAY...not that the Lord would take them out of the difficulty, but that He would give them strength and endurance and hope, as well as peace, knowing that God has them in this situation for a reason. Because of the conflict, the nations are coming to know God." You can also GIVE financially here. "Every single dollar that's given to that will go directly to the Christians that are working in Jordan and the surrounding nations." Money is used for humanitarian supplies, Bibles, and more. Then, you can also GO, and help physically. "E3 also takes trips to the Middle East. So, if you're interested in serving on a medical trip, you can get more information at our Web site." If you'd like to sign up to get daily prayer updates from persecuted Christians around the world, go to their 8thirty8 Facebook page.
Categories: Mission Network News

Civil war takes its toll on the children in South Sudan

Mission Network News - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 5:00am

(Photo courtesy Flickr/CC/UK Department for International Development)

South Sudan (MNN) -- The crisis in South Sudan is being drowned out by coverage of airstrikes in Syria, ISIS advances, the conflict in Gaza, and the Ebola outbreak. Here is the upshot: South Sudan is in trouble. Matt Parker of Kids Alive International explains, "South Sudan is already one of the poorest countries in the world. There's already a lack of facilities and infrastructure in the country." When you add war and a food shortage, you get a manmade disaster. The conflict between the government and the rebel group has displaced nearly two million people.  "There's talk of around 50,000 children really being at-risk of starvation over the coming months, so it's a very serious issue. One of the problems was because of the fighting, farmers were not able to get out into their fields." Plus, food and fuel still available have nearly doubled in cost in some areas. Some of the worst-hit areas are also the hardest to reach because they're remote and have few roads to get there. It's made worse because the government reportedly banned foreigners, including aid workers, and Non-Government Organizations. Once this crisis re-emerges on the international scene, it could be in the form of a famine, warns the United Nations. "The fact that people have been unable to plant crops, the fact that more than 1.8 million people have been displaced as a result of the fighting," says Parker, "has added to this [problem] very significantly." Peace talks resumed 21 September in Ethiopia, even as mop-up operations continued in Unity state from last week's clashes. Negotiations have been on hold since late August, when President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar inked the fourth "peace" deal in nine months. This time, they agreed to forge a unity government by October 9. Will it work? Parker hopes so. "There needs to be real accountability. There needs to be efforts made to address corruption, which is rife, even if the unity government comes into place."

(Photo courtesy Kids Alive International)

As families move to get away from the fighting, there's a corresponding rise in the number of street children, observes child advocates. Kids Alive's focus is on the entire child. Their work in Wau hasn't been disrupted, even though there have been a couple of violent outbursts. While that's good news, Parker says their staff is keeping a close eye on things. "There's been a lot of concern, a lot of fear in the area, and the real risk that fighting could break out at any time." The contingency plan for Kids Alive is to continue their work. Some of the street children are in their Children's Homes, and others are coming to ministry sites. The influx means growth. Parker notes, "Over the next few months, we'll be doing some construction work so that we can build more facilities and...get more children off the streets. We're concerned. We're monitoring the situation very carefully."

(Photo courtesy Kids Alive International)

Kids Alive staff focus on meeting the physical, emotional, AND spiritual needs of each child. "We want to see the kids that we work with come to know Jesus in their lives. We want to see them discipled, we want to see them serving Him. We want to see these kids really making an impact for Christ in their communities." However, rising costs, growing communities, and fewer dollars means they have to ask for help. Funds now help lay the groundwork for future later. "It's a core part of everything that we do: teaching these kids the Gospel message, teaching them the hope that they have in Christ, and helping them to grow in that faith." As Kids Alive continues their work among street kids and in the communities, Parker asks: "Pray that we would be successful in helping kids break the cycle of poverty, get off the streets, have a loving home, have a promising future, and come to Jesus Christ in their lives."
Categories: Mission Network News

Pray for mission leaders

Mission Network News - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 5:00am

(Graphic cred: Missio Nexus)

USA (MNN) -- You probably pray for mission projects, but how often do you pray for mission leaders? Right now, the CEOs and other top executives of U.S. and Canadian mission groups are attending the Missio Nexus Leadership Conference. Jim Ramsay, VP of Missions for The Mission Society, says the "ripple effect" is one reason why mission leaders need your prayers. "The global context is changing so rapidly; it's impacting missions. All of us have got to keep our eyes and our hearts open to what God is doing and how we need to shift our own thinking, our own practice, to react to the changing context," Ramsay states. None of us live or work in a bubble; whether you realize it or not, even something like the Ebola crisis in West Africa affects you in one way or another. The same applies to missions. For example, as Tom Lin pointed out yesterday, the world is becoming much smaller; more and more people are moving across borders, whether by choice or not. For InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, that means a greater number of international students to reach out to.

(Photo credit Sergiu Bacioiu via Wikimedia Commons)

The "ripple effect" can also trigger negative reactions. Take the economy of "sending nations," for example, like the United States. Hard economic downfalls, increased government spending, and massive federal reforms over the past several years have left most families with less money in their pockets. This often translates to less funding for missionaries and missions projects. All of this makes your prayers a top priority. Between now and Sunday, will you pray for missions leaders who are attending the Missio Nexus conference?
  • Pray that God opens the eyes and hearts of group and project leaders.
  • Pray that He gives mission leaders discernment.
  • Pray that God will connect the groups and leaders who need to collaborate to further His Kingdom.
That last point, collaboration, is partly why The Mission Society sends its leaders to this conference. "Networking is probably the primary reason that we attend. I expect that's true for most of the attendees," notes Ramsay. "It used to be a little more proprietary, a little more guarded: 'This is my turf, my mission, my ministry.'

(Graphic credit The Mission Society via Facebook)

"[Now] there's much more of a 'Kingdom attitude' happening." Building connections is a key part of The Mission Society's ministry. Since 1984, they've been involved in recruiting, training, and sending missionaries both overseas and within the United States. The Mission Society currently supports more than 200 missionaries who minister in over 40 nations worldwide. Learn more about their work here.
Categories: Mission Network News

God’s not done with Mariam Ibraheem

Mission Network News - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 5:00am
Middle East (MNN) -- Where does our faith come from? It comes from God, right? And if you've been keeping up with the story of Mariam Ibraheem, then you know what a testimony her story is to God's providence in times of need. But Ibraheem's story isn't over, and neither is yours. The following is a letter from the executive director of Women for Middle East HOPE, an international initiative of SAT-7, a Christian Satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa.  

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7)

Dear Friends, If you happened to see the television interview last week with Mariam Ibraheem, you witnessed a riveting, powerful testimony of one woman’s great faith and courage!  (If you missed it, don’t worry—you can catch it on YouTube through our Women for Middle HOPE Web site.) Mariam was interviewed by Fox News host Megyn Kelly for the first time since her release from prison in Sudan. We have been following Mariam’s story and praying for her ever since we learned that she was jailed solely because of her Christian faith. Mariam, the mother of a toddler, gave birth to her second child while in prison—with her ankles chained. When word of her mistreatment got out, Christians around the world rallied and prayed and called for her release. Finally, in June, a Sudanese Appeals Court made the decision to set her free! Now living in New Hampshire with her husband--an American citizen since 2005--and their two children, Mariam still has a heart for the people of her homeland, especially the women and children. She is a strong advocate for freedom to follow the religion of one’s own choice and points out that she is not the only woman to suffer from this problem. She says, “There are many Mariams in Sudan and throughout the world. It’s not just me.” While in prison, Mariam was heavily pressured to renounce her Christian faith and convert to Islam. She refused to do that, saying, “I have always been a Christian… I had my trust in God. My faith was the only weapon that I had in these confrontations… Faith means life. If you don’t have faith, you are not alive.” Mariam embodies the need, the purpose, and the spirit of Women for Middle East HOPE! At the end of the interview, she thanked the Fox News audience for their support and then told Megyn Kelly, “I still need support--I need prayer!” Mariam and her Christian sisters around the world will be lifted up in prayer on Sunday, November 2, 2014, as SAT-7 and Women for Middle East HOPE co-sponsor a Worldwide Day of Prayer, specifically focused on the women and girls of the Middle East and North Africa.  I hope you will partner with us in this Day of Prayer and that you will encourage your church or your small group to get involved, as well.  See the links provided below. Blessings, Debbie Brink Executive Director Women for Middle East HOPE Click HERE to see Mariam’s powerful interview. Click HERE to join Women for Middle East HOPE if you have not already done so.
Categories: Mission Network News

Humanitarian Crises: when it becomes overwhelming

Mission Network News - Thu, 09/25/2014 - 5:00am

A roadside church in Bor, South Sudan.
(Photo courtesy of Food for the Hungry)

International (FFH/MNN) -- There is so much to do. In your house, in your community, your church. There are responsibilities to uphold at school, at your job, with your family. As soon as you overlook something, or fail at one task, it feels like the entire tapestry of your day-to-day life unravels. And then you turn on your TV or pick up a newspaper, or scroll through a news Web site--maybe this Web site. You see there is so much to do all over the world. There are innumerable humanitarian crises. And suddenly you feel hopeless. The following thoughts are from Alex Mwaura of Food for the Hungry. He reminds us that it is overwhelming and that we can't fix it. But God can. And according to His plan, He will. For encouragement, read on: As an aid worker, I am often tempted to throw in the towel when I am faced with humanitarian situations that seem irreparable. When I visit communities and interact with hopelessness, suffering, pain, lost dreams as a result of war, disease, and mostly bad governance, I often find myself sighing: “It’s too broken. It cannot be fixed.” Allow me to illustrate what I mean. Let’s consider some of the current, key humanitarian crises around the world. In Syria, 3 million people have fled as refugees to neighboring countries. It’s estimated that more than 13 million people in Syria need immediate humanitarian aid; 6.5 million are internally displaced. The situation in Syria is probably the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. When Typhoon Haiyan descended on the Philippines, it left grand destruction of property and with no doubt a jolt to the economy with 10% of the population affected, at the time. Millions continue to bear the brunt of the disaster. On December 15, 2013, fighting broke out in South Sudan plunging the world’s newest country into the dark days when it hosted Africa’s longest running civil war. Everybody hoped and called for the fighting to stop. But it didn’t. Instead, the inevitable happened. Close to one million people have been internally displaced. This means 1 in every 8 people do not have a home. Even worse, the claws of famine are quickly gripping the country, and 1.25 million children face malnutrition. A recent report by the BBC mentioned that residents of a village had resorted to eating water lilies because there was no food available. UNICEF estimates that up to 50,000 children could die of malnutrition by the end of the year if they do not receive help. The stats are grim. The deadly Ebola virus is now rapidly spreading in a number of countries in West Africa and has, to date, claimed the lives of more than 2,200 people. The current outbreak has been termed as “the deadliest” since the virus was discovered in 1976. So now everything seems blurry — what next? With stats like these, it seems like we’re losing ground in the fight against poverty, disease, and suffering around the world. In photography, before taking an image, we point the camera to the subject prior to releasing the shutter. If you look through your viewfinder at that moment, the image is often blurry and out-of-focus. But if you press the shutter button halfway, the image sets into focus, and you can click to take your picture. Note that even though blurry, the good image was always there. I think God is calling us to press our shutter buttons halfway and refocus our hope on Him. In John 16:33, Jesus encouraged His disciples who were sad that He was leaving them, saying, "I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." As I finish writing, my shutter button is pressed halfway. I am now able to see beyond the engulfing suffering in the world and focus on being part of God’s redemptive plan for humanity. I cannot afford to throw my hands in the air and give up! We are called to press on until physical and spiritual hungers are ended worldwide. So if you are like me, almost giving up the fight, take heart and join us in our work, for He has overcome the world! Take a moment to pray for the needs mentioned. Remember that prayer is a very good way to focus on what God has for you to do. It serves as reminder that HE is in control. If you'd like to partner with FH, click here. Here are some more stories about what FH is doing around the world.
Categories: Mission Network News

Attack by Disciple

New Release Tuesday - Wed, 09/24/2014 - 7:43am
Rock band Disciple releases its first new album in nearly two years, Attack, independently worldwide through The Fuel Music Sept. 23. The crowd-funded and 10th studio album is also the first recording featuring front man, founding member and band leader Kevin Young's newly formed powerhouse line-up. Writing, recording and touring with Young are four new Disciple members, but established musicians in their own right: Josiah Prince from Philmont and Andrew Stanton from I Am Empire on guitars, Jason Wilkes from High Flight Society on bass and vocals, and Joey West from After Edmund on drums. A year in the making, and[...]

Coming Alive by Dustin Smith

New Release Tuesday - Wed, 09/24/2014 - 7:43am
Dustin Smith is an Integrity Music Artist, Song Writer and Worship leader, who has a desire to see the nations ignited with a passion for worship. With an unyielding love for God and His people, Dustin has been able to cross denominational lines with his music. His worship music transcends age, race, colour and creed and clearly glorifies the Creator. Recorded live at his home church: World Revival Church in Kansas City, MO, Coming Alive is co-produced by Michael Farren Kyle Lee (Michael W. Smith) and features co-writes with Jack Mooring (Leeland) and Michael Farren.[...]

Lighthouse by Scott MacIntyre

New Release Tuesday - Wed, 09/24/2014 - 7:43am
The eleven song project was produced by Grammy nominated Matt Bronleewe (Plumb, Hayden Panettiere, Joy Williams), Dove nominated Kyle Lee (TobyMac, Michael W. Smith, Phillips, Craig Dean), and MacIntyre joining in on the production duties. Ten of the eleven compositions featured on Lighthouse were written or co-written by MacIntyre. The album is being released through Mini Mac Music and will be distributed by New Day Distribution. "I'm really excited about this new album," says MacIntyre. "I've been so blessed to work with incredible co-writers and producers, and I really feel like we've been able to capture the essence of the[...]

Son of Man by Hazakim

New Release Tuesday - Wed, 09/24/2014 - 7:43am
Hazakim's new album, "Son of Man", the five year follow up to Theophanies will be released on September 23rd, 2014 on the Eve of Trumpets. With an album focusing on the return of Christ and yearning for the great return--the return of the King of glory--Hazakim thought the Eve of Trumpets was a great time to drop the project. In the words of Tony of Hazakim: "Our eschatology is greatly influenced by the Feasts of the Lord. Jesus literally died ON Passover according to the Gospels as the Lamb of God... He literally rose ON First Fruits (the first Sunday[...]

Commodity by Remedy Drive

New Release Tuesday - Wed, 09/24/2014 - 7:43am
Acclaimed Dove Award-nominated rockers Remedy Drive are set to bow Commodity, their 10th studio recording and most important project to date, on iTunes September 23. Featuring 12 selections written or co-penned by group founder and frontman David Zach—all singularly showcasing the band's commitment to combat international human trafficking—the project was produced by Zach's brother, Philip Zach. The title-cut and debut single, a stirring anti-slavery anthem, recently spent seven weeks atop the BDS Christian Rock chart, marking the longest charting #1 rock hit in Remedy Drive's career.[...]

Soldier saved in Ukraine, now reaching out

Mission Network News - Wed, 09/24/2014 - 5:00am

Russian Ministries has delivered thousands of Gospels of Luke to Ukrainian soldiers.

Ukraine (MNN) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin is causing tension between Russia and Ukraine to increase. Yesterday, Putin warned Ukraine that if they moved forward on a European Union trade deal, there would be a price to pay. According to reports, Putin says Russia will put restrictions on Ukrainian exports bound for Russia, which would create even more economic turmoil for this beleaguered nation. Months of unrest have closed businesses, forced people out of some cities, and created a poverty unseen in recent years. While troops continue to amass along the border, Christians are sharing a message of hope and reconciliation. Wally Kulakof with Russian Ministries says they're handing out copies of the Gospel of John. "Hundreds of thousands of soldiers have received Scriptures in the Ukrainian language or the Russian language."

This soldier is taking Scripture to his enemies.

What is that distribution doing for the Kingdom? Russian Ministries reports a soldier saved. Kulakof says, "One young man received the Gospel of Luke, read it, read it again, and read it a third time." That soldier came to Christ. But it didn't end there. He was intrigued by the "love your enemy message." Kulakof says the soldier reported, "Here I am on the front. I can see my enemy...the Russian soldiers or the Russian separatists. He shared with his captain: 'Listen, this piece of Scripture has transformed my life. I have found Christ. I would like to get it to the Russian soldiers." The captain wondered how this soldier was going to do that. The soldier told him he had been watching the Russian troops. Each night at midnight, the Russians would arrive at a particular tree stump to monitor the Ukrainian soldiers. "I'd like to go there during the day and leave the Gospel of Luke on the stump for the Russian soldiers." He did it successfully. He returned the next day, reporting that he "found cigarette butts, found places where they were resting, but the two Gospels of Luke were gone." It's all part of the Russian Ministries "I Care" program. $50 provides a Gospel of Luke along with important information about salvation. It also provides clothing, counseling, and enough food for a family for one week. This program is having a profound impact on eastern Ukraine. If you feel God leading you to help Russian Ministries, please click here.
Categories: Christian Post

Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS, airstrikes

Mission Network News - Wed, 09/24/2014 - 5:00am

(Photo courtesy Baptist Global Response/Internationl Mission board)

Syria (MNN/IMB) -- U.S. military airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria began late Monday. The strikes hit nearly two dozen targets in parts of Syria controlled by Islamic militants. Roughly two thirds of ISIS fighters are based in Syria, with the remainder in Iraq. The Defense Department said aircraft from Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates assisted in the attacks. Many of the refugee camps are already overcrowded. Mark Kelly with Baptist Global Response explains, "Just over the past three days, at least 130,000 new refugees poured out of Syria into Turkey because of an Islamic State offensive there. Now, in the past 24 hours, we've seen airstrikes beginning in northern Syria, and that's bound to increase the flood of refugees even more." In fact, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was making contingency plans for all 400,000 residents of the region to flee onto Turkish territory to escape the militant advance. As the crisis continues in its fourth year, Christian workers persevere in bringing spiritual and physical aid to the refugees and call on the church to keep praying and keep giving to these efforts. Kelly says, "We feel like the crisis in Syria is a God-given moment in history. The real question is whether we're going to be cowards and shrink back, or whether we're going to step up and play the role that God is calling us to play in this situation." As the numbers of Syrian refugees continue to rise, workers keep their focus on the individual people around them, sharing the Gospel as they meet physical needs. Even as workers tell their stories, the scope of this conflict is sometimes overwhelming.

(Photo courtesy International Mission Board)

Kelly noted in an earlier statement that "it's easy for Americans to sit back and watch the evening news, without ever thinking about the horror being faced by innocent civilians in a far-off place." While multiple stories of war and disease may blur together, the onus is undeniable on followers of Christ. "Jesus came to seek the lost and to bring healing to people who are hurting. As we continue to reach out to refugees, our desire continues to be to reach out to one person at a time and make a difference in that person's life." It takes courage to come alongside the Christian relief workers and national believers who are putting their lives on the line to help refugees in Syria and neighboring countries, Kelly says. Why? "It takes courage to stand against the attitudes many Americans have toward Arabs and feelings they have about the crisis in the Middle East." It takes courage to be a voice for the voiceless and keep telling their stories to people who are distracted. Being informed means being responsible. BGR can't do this alone. People who want to help can donate $10 by texting REFUGEE to 80888. Donations in other amounts can be made at the Baptist Global Response Web site, www.gobgr.org. This is unquestionably a spiritual battle. Pray for BGR and its partners as they respond to this window of opportunity. "The ability to share the Good News of God's love is only magnified when you have people in crisis and you have the opportunity to bring to them food and water and other kinds of supplies that are critical for them, especially as the cold winter temperatures are just around the corner."  
Categories: Christian Post

Global hunger calls for action

Mission Network News - Wed, 09/24/2014 - 5:00am

(Photo credit Hugo.arg & Viktorija O. via Wikimedia Commons)

USA (GHR/MNN) -- It's that time of year again in the United States: nights are getting chillier, and moms nationwide are starting to plan the big Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts. It's also when Southern Baptists draw attention to the global hunger crisis. One-sixth of the world's population is undernourished, and nearly 16,000 children die every day from hunger-related causes: that's one kid every five seconds. In the U.S., an estimated 35% of poor families are forced to choose between buying food and paying their rent. One of every four people in a major U.S. city soup kitchen line is a child. Through their Global Hunger Relief initiative, Southern Baptists are mobilizing churches nationwide to end hunger in the U.S. and overseas through partners like International Mission Board (IMB) and Baptist Global Response (BGR). All projects supported by this initiative focus on sharing God's love through word and deed. Global Hunger Relief's "Hunger Happens Everywhere" theme shows how people can help meet specific hunger needs in Syria and Appalachia. Global Hunger Relief: Syria

(Photo credit GHR)

Recent ISIS advances in Syria forced another 130,000 thousand people to flee the war-torn country. Approximately 9.3 million Syrians are displaced, both inside the country and outside. Using Global Hunger Relief funds, IMB and BGR are providing food parcels and hygiene kits to Syrian refugee families in need. Global Hunger Relief: Appalachia

(Photo credit GHR)

Chronic hunger is a major problem in the Mississippi River Valley and the Appalachian Mountains. Impoverished children in these regions suffer the most, and their malnourishment leads to difficulty in school. Southern Baptists have made neglected communities in the greater Appalachia area the focus of their LoveLoud outreach. Besides food items provided with Global Hunger Relief funds, believers provide "Christmas backpacks" filled with school supplies, hygiene items, and small toys. Global Hunger Relief and you Southern Baptists aren't sharing these projects just to inform you; being part of the Great Commission means taking action. First of all, pray. Pray that the hunger needs of people in the U.S. and overseas are alleviated through this initiative. Pray that hearts become receptive to Christ and His message of hope when basic needs are met.

(Photo credit GHR)

Secondly, advocate. With a Global Hunger Relief kit, you can add a global perspective to your church's Fall Festival or "Trunk or Treat" event. On the flip-side, if your congregation already focuses on global hunger with World Hunger Sunday or a similar event, the kit can help promote a local food drive component. Thirdly, give. Beyond prayer and spreading awareness of global hunger, you can take action by giving to Southern Baptist ministries. Support Syrian refugees through BGR, or fight U.S. hunger through the North American Mission Board. Read more stories about global hunger relief here.
Categories: Christian Post

AAA Gas Prices

WGRC News - Fri, 09/05/2014 - 12:57pm

AAA says gasoline prices should fall in September through the end of the year as people drive less and because refineries can produce a less expensive winter-blend gasoline. AAA expects gas prices nationally could decline another 10–20 cents per gallon by the end of October, barring any major refinery or overseas problems.
Consumers this week were paying the lowest average prices since late February. At $3.43, yesterday the average was about 16 cents per gallon cheaper than a year ago and the lowest average for the same day since 2010. The national average has remained under $3.50 per gallon for 31 consecutive days.
In Williamsport gas is at 3.35

Categories: Local News

Atheist kicked out of Commissioners meeting

WGRC News - Thu, 09/04/2014 - 12:48pm

An atheist was escorted out of a Florida city public meeting for refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, prompting outcry from secular organizations.
John Thoreau remained seated for both the opening invocation and Pledge during a meeting of the Winter Garden City Commissioners last week.
Winter Garden City Mayor John Rees said Thoreau had to either stand for the pledge or leave the meeting. In response to the mayor’s action, The Freedom From Religion Foundation has stepped in, sending a letter of protest, asking the mayor to make public statements at the next meeting, repudiating their behavior and recognizing the rights of citizens to remain seated for prayers and pledges that falsely claim we are ‘one nation under God.’” According to the Thoreau, The Mayor demanded that he stand for the pledge out of respect for the country and for troops serving overseas.

Categories: Local News

Inmate attempts to flee work release

WGRC News - Thu, 09/04/2014 - 12:46pm

A Lycoming County Prison work-release inmate attempted to flee his assigned work crew early yesterday afternoon in a heavy wooded area of Armstrong Township. Rick Digan was part of a crew assigned to a county recycling truck when he fled into the woods along Mosquito Valley Road. He was captured within 90 minutes.

Categories: Local News

Lycoming County Heroin Task Force

WGRC News - Thu, 09/04/2014 - 12:46pm

The Lycoming County Heroin Task Force held a public meeting last night at the Wheeland Center. They talked about the growing heroin problem, both locally and elsewhere, and they noted the rising use of prescription drugs. Law enforcement officials advised people to contact police if they observe suspicious activity such as frequent gatherings of people at a residence at different hours of the day.

Categories: Local News