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I drive one hour each way back and forth for work Monday through Friday&sometimes on the weekend. WGRC is always on the radio when I am in the car. The uplifting music and Christian programs are treasured opportunities for me to worship God and help me stay centered throughout the day. A few years ago, my son was killed in a motorcycle accident. I took a week off from work but then had to go back. It was all I could do to keep myself together during the months after his death and the hour drive each way for work was unbearable at times. I always kept WGRC on the radio and would focus on the message in the music&the scriptures that were shared which many times felt like they were directed at me at the time I needed it most. I know this was God’s way of holding me in the palms of his hands to assure me that he was with me. It was a very painful time but I felt His presence and gradually a peace that those without faith in God could never understand. (Williamsport)

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From Heaven's Point of View - The Single by The Lighthouse Boys

New Release Tuesday - Tue, 02/24/2015 - 5:00am
The Lighthouse Boys came out of 2014 celebrating their 40th year. They are known to their fans for their own brand of Southern Gospel Music, placing their own signature on Southern Gospel classics as well as their own original songs. Now in 2015, From Heaven's Point of View is The first new single released by The Lighthouse Boys in over a decade. They once again blend their signature sound with a Southern Gospel classic. [...]
Categories: Christian Music News

Outsiders by 21:03

New Release Tuesday - Tue, 02/24/2015 - 5:00am
Categories: Christian Music News

Renegades Never Die by Skrip

New Release Tuesday - Tue, 02/24/2015 - 5:00am
Categories: Christian Music News

Like No Other by Christ Fellowship Worship

New Release Tuesday - Tue, 02/24/2015 - 5:00am
Original worship music recorded live in South Florida, at Christ Fellowship Church. Produced by Dove award winner Michael Neale, this album includes tracks such as "Favorite Word" "See You Again" and national hit "Mercy Tree." Inspired by modern rock and pop, this album is full of powerful anthems and emotional ballads that are inspired by and declare the attributes of the Savior of the world; Jesus! You can also hear these songs played live every weekend at Christ Fellowship at multiple locations in Florida: Gardens, Royal Palm, Boynton, City Place, Stuart, Okeechobee and New York City, New York.[...]
Categories: Christian Music News

Only Your Love EP by Davis the Band

New Release Tuesday - Tue, 02/24/2015 - 5:00am
A new husband and wife worship duo provides a fresh sound on vertical praise to our Creator.[...]
Categories: Christian Music News

Empowering women key to Gospel growth

Mission Network News - Tue, 02/24/2015 - 5:00am

This is a logo owned by APSACS Secretariat for Army Public Schools & Colleges System.

Pakistan (MNN) -- Pakistani police have reportedly arrested one of the masterminds behind December's deadly school attack in Peshawar. According to multiple reports, 27-year-old Taj Muhammad was captured yesterday in an Internally-Displaced Persons (IDP) camp. Muhammad is allegedly a "commander" of one of the Taliban splinter groups that raided the army school. Suicide bombers killed 150 people when they raided the school; 133 of those victims were children. The Aftermath The school attacks didn't stop with the New Year, even though Pakistan's government reportedly "buckled down" on terrorism and equipped teachers as an extra line of defense. At the end of January, Charlie Hebdo protestors raided a Christian school and called for its closure. Today, they have a new, yet similar, target.

Women are increasingly turning to the Lord in Pakistan and are vocally eager for spiritual growth, but often find it difficult to be discipled due to the cultural taboo of church leaders like pastors and teachers (traditionally men) from personally interacting with them. FMI's new Women's Discipleship Initiative aims to help the whole church mature together by identifying and empowering qualified women to train other women.
(Picture, caption courtesy of FMI)

"Terrorist groups now are targeting schools that are for girls," shares Bruce Allen with Forgotten Missionaries International. "They want to keep the female population uneducated." Women reportedly comprise 50% of Pakistan's total population. By keeping women "in the dark," terrorists are effectively immobilizing a significant populous. Terrorists aren't the only ones targeting Pakistani women, Allen explains. According to FMI's National Director, women are "overlooked in this society; basically invisible. "She cannot interact with unrelated males, even in an indoor situation, in a home," Allen says, relaying insight from FMI's National Director. "Many of [the] Christian pastors still perpetuate those problems--unintentionally, of course, but because of cultural taboos, they're not focusing on developing women. More women than men will be attending a church service, and yet, their specific needs are still being overlooked." FMI is combating Pakistan's social tradition and the agenda of radical Islam by changing the way the Church treats women. Women's Discipleship Initiative With a new discipleship initiative, the ministry is teaching Christian women how to share the Gospel and disciple new believers. "Because it's in a home, and not in a church, her Muslim neighbors are coming. They're curious about, 'What is Christianity? I want to learn more,'" shares Allen.

Christian worshipers sing as they begin to gather in the courtyard of one church member's home. This congregation of more than 50 members currently has a five-to-one ratio of adult women-to-men. FMI's new Women's Discipleship Initiative aims to help the whole church mature together by identifying and empowering qualified women to train other women.
(Photo, caption courtesy of FMI)

The program is still getting off the ground. At FMI's Web site, you can help by equipping more women for evangelism and discipleship. First, click the "Make A Donation" button in the middle of the screen. Then, select "Women's Discipleship Initiative" from the drop-down list. "Every time there's a need, it represents an opportunity to meet people exactly where they [are]. And that's what Christ does for us," Allen summarizes. Most importantly, keep praying for the people of Pakistan. Pray that believers and innocents are protected. Pray that the Gospel will advance to new levels through this new FMI initiative. More FMI stories here.
Categories: Mission Network News

Man in critical condition after being struck by his own vehicle

WGRC News - Mon, 02/23/2015 - 2:59pm

An accident in Columbia County yesterday sent a man to Geisinger Medical Center with critical injuries. Police there say the man who has not been named pulled over on Columbia Boulevard near Berwick with car trouble, and got outside and under the hood. The car apparently was still in drive, and somehow began moving, dragging the man with it and going down over a hill. He is in critical condition and police there continue their investigation into that accident.

Categories: Local News

No injuries in a Columbia County house fire

WGRC News - Mon, 02/23/2015 - 2:58pm

No injuries were reported in an early morning house fire in Columbia County. Firefighters rushed to a home near Millville around 8 am Sunday.
A husband and wife were able to get out okay. The fire chief believes the cause of the fire was an electrical problem. The Red Cross is helping the couple.

Categories: Local News

Victory in Our Trials

Christian Post - Living - Mon, 02/23/2015 - 8:52am
Obviously, we don't enjoy times of trial or conflict. Despite the assurance we have that God will always be by our side through any and every circumstance (Heb. 13:5), it is still natural to fear and bemoan such occurrences.
Categories: Christian Post

Maidan: one year later

Mission Network News - Mon, 02/23/2015 - 5:00am

Thousands gather in Maidan Square in Kiev to remember the Heavenly 100 on the anniversary of the revolution.
(Photo by Marina Parfinskaya).

Ukraine (MNN) -- Thousands of people poured into the streets of Kiev, Ukraine, on the anniversary of the Maidan Revolution. One year ago, clashes between protestors and police toppled ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, sending Ukraine and Russia into a conflict that has reshaped borders and killed more than 5,000 in war-time violence. An Alumnus of Cornerstone University Marina Parfinskaya lives in Kiev. "There are thousands of people here supporting the same cause. Many of them have tears in their eyes." Parfinskaya adds, "[Friday] was actually the memorial service for the Heavenly 100," she says from Maidan Square. "They were the 100 people killed through the Maidan revolution."

Marina Parfinskaya at the memorial for the
Heavenly 100 at Maidan Square.
(Photo by Marina Parfinskaya).

She says while people are talking about the war, equally important to them is the economy. "The same amount of money that would have purchased $3,000 for me in national currency would purchase only $1,000 now. So, the income for an average person has dropped three times while the prices remain the same." Evangelical churches with the help of Mission Eurasia, Slavic Gospel Association, Reach Global, and SEND International are reaching out to refugees, war injured, and those searching for truth. Parfinskaya says many are searching. "People are much more open to talk about things that happen in the after-life. It's hard for me to evaluate how much more, but every critical situation like we're seeing makes people more open." Parfinskaya says the situation is bleak. How is she processing this? "I never in my entire life thought I would ever live through something like this. I'm having a bit of a difficulty coping, but I trust God. And it's up to us to carry out that hope for somebody who may not believe right at the moment." She's asking you to pray desperately for peace. Pray also that God touches the hearts of leaders who need Christ, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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God at work in Peru

Mission Network News - Mon, 02/23/2015 - 5:00am
Peru (OMI) -- [Editor's Note: Article written by OM missionary journalist Katanga Johnson] “As a country field within the OM Andean Region, I  am convinced that OM Peru’s impact in the community is the best indication that what matters most is not how we serve; rather it is outweighed by the mere fact that we serve,” affirmed Mayelo Gensollén, OM Peru country representative.

(Photo courtesy Operation Mobilization)

During a recent visit to Peru for a Global Missions Council meeting, it was apparent that God desired to see Peruvians mobilized for ministry--in the Muslim world particularly, but also in Peru itself. Mayelo’s comment followed an Operation Mobilization Peru medical outreach in the city of Chincha Alta, where an international team of 21 medical professionals, including pediatricians, gynecologists, internal medicine specialists, and nurses attended to more than 950 patients of varying needs. Even more victorious for the kingdom of God were the 195 people who reportedly accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior during the outreach. The Andean Region nation also played host to the Global Mission Council meeting, which provided awareness to the Peruvian and Latin American church of the intense necessity and opportunities in the Muslim World, which awaited missionaries from Latin America. “Peru’s presence is even more than timely when you consider the sheer size of the members at this meeting,” commented OM team member Rodrigo Vargas, serving in Paraguay. With OM Founder George Verwer as the key speaker for morning devotions, among other experienced Muslim World speakers on the line up, OM’s presence at the Council gathered a wave of interested missionaries who already serve in their local unreached communities. “I am sure that if OM can couple their efforts with what the Global Missions Council is doing to mobilize more Peruvians, the kingdom of God would be closer, and more dynamic,” remarked Stephanie, a Peruvian bookseller. Stephanie also elaborated on the interesting book distribution model of offering a wide variety of titles for only a small donation, which was also a highlight at the event in Peru. “It’s been an eventful time here in Peru--the Global Missions Council’s event, along with the amazing testimonies of God’s hand at work with the OM Peru medical outreach,” exhorted George Verwer, as he reflected on the impact of the week. “It shows me that there is much work happening, and yet to happen, in Latin America. I charge you all to continue in this vineyard as God’s good and faithful servants. And I’ll make sure this Andean Region receives more literature, and soon!” Without a measure of doubt, there is a clear call and spiritual responsiveness from God for the people of Peru. In this era of mobilization and recruitment for OM’s increased presence there, your prayer in this way serves as a collective recognition that the nation of Peru is indeed in the plan of God. Click here for ways to pray with Operation Mobilization.
Categories: Mission Network News

Colombian missionary charges dismissed

Mission Network News - Mon, 02/23/2015 - 5:00am

Russell Stendal
(Photo courtesy of VOM Canada)

Colombia (MNN) -- Last week's arrest of Russell Stendal highlighted some of the danger that exists in Colombia for Christian pastors. Friday, Colombian missionary Stendal underwent trial on charges that he had participated in rebellious activity with FARC guerrilla rebels (read that story here). Our friends at Voice of the Martyrs Canada shared this update from Stendal: Great news! The Lord turned the tables at the last minute. The prosecution went on for hours and hours, and I spoke for ten minutes. The judge believed me, told the prosecutor he had been wasting her time, and threw out the case. I have been completely absolved. -Russ Christian Broadcasting Network says the judge ruled Stendal, 59, not guilty of supporting the guerillas. Gary Lane, reporter for CBN, says he's known Stendal for over 12 years. Stendal's heart has been to share the Gospel with the violent FARC group. Lane describes him as being devoted to bringing Colombians to Christ. Sources of the Associated Press say Stendal moved to Colombia with his family as a small child. His parents were also missionaries. Greg Musselman of Voice of the Martyrs told MNN last week that Stendal has been air-dropping Christian literature, Bibles, and small radios into dangerous parts of Colombia for a long time. Musselman says he's also been kidnapped five times. Pray that Stendal and his family would remain faithful, despite opposition. Ask God to make Himself known in Colombia and to bring an end to the violence.
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Northern Kenya thirsty for water

Mission Network News - Mon, 02/23/2015 - 5:00am

The Rendille are a people group native to Northern Kenya.
(Photo credit Wikimedia Commons)

Kenya (MNN) -- After several years of drought, 12 people groups in northern Kenya have had to adjust to a new way of living. Executive director of World Mission Greg Kelley says, "It has caused so much difficulty for the 12 people groups that live up there. In a real practical way, so many of them have abandoned their pastoralist activities of having goats and cows because there's just not the vegetation or the grazing grounds." Now, the people are raising camel instead because they are the only animals able to sustain the harsh conditions. Kelley says that in order to find good water, they have to travel miles a day. That's why World Mission has been working with them for over 12 years to drill water wells for the people groups. And through this ministry, World Mission discovered a new way to minister as well. They've been distributing Treasures for about ten years. These solar-powered audio Bibles present the Gospel to the people in one of the twelve languages of the groups that live there. Kelley explains that the drilling is essential for these people to be open to the Gospel. While they might appreciate the word, if they have physical needs pressing down on them, they might not be at a place where they can listen. Over the last 12 years, World Mission has drilled 100 clean water bore holes for wells. "It's been transformational to provide clean water," Kelley says. With clean water, World Mission has been able to address a different sort of drought: the lack of knowledge of Jesus. In northern Kenya, the number of religious influences is remarkable. "These people are in the neighborhood of about 5% Christian, and so the majority of them are animists. And then from the northeast, the Somalia influence is bringing Islam, and so Islam is pressing into these areas," says Kelley. He continues, "We'll go in, we'll do a water project, and then we'll distribute Treasures so they have access not only to clean water but the Living Water." This is the mode of operation for Zoe Waters, a division of World Mission. Zoe, Kelley explains, means life. The organization recognizes that to effectively share the Gospel, physical needs have to be addressed hand-in-hand with the presentation of God's Word. Zoe Waters has found acceptance of the Gospel where it was previously ignored. One of the 12 people groups that Zoe Waters is currently working with is the Rendille. Joshua Project describes these people as animistic with Jewish influences in their religious practices. They're thought to be descended from the Israelites. The group is very traditional. They practice polygamy--the number of wives symbolizing a man's wealth. Joshua Project says they primarily pray to the moon and also offer up animal sacrifices during a drought. Witch Doctors are essential. Despite this, Joshua Project says they are quite responsive to the Gospel. An estimated 4.2% are evangelical Christians. Kelley says the Rendille have to walk miles to get water from a remote, hand-dug well shared by baboons. "It's just such a difficult situation because […] the people are dying just en route to get their water," Kelley explains. World Mission recently drilled a well, but the water is too salty. They are determined to find better water, and your prayers are greatly appreciated. Kelley says due to the conditions of northern Kenya, each drilling costs about $4000-$5000. If you'd like to contribute to their drilling fund, visit Zoe Waters here.
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Cuba: the door opens wider

Mission Network News - Mon, 02/23/2015 - 5:00am

(Image courtesy FARMS International)

Cuba (MNN) -- When the possibility of normalizing relations with Cuba became reality, it was greeted by cautious optimism. Last Thursday, a group of lawmakers introduced legislation to lift the trade embargo with Cuba. At the same time, the U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba announced plans for a "learning journey" next month, involving more than 75 leaders from across the U.S. agriculture industry. It's all good news, but the question might really be: who is learning from whom? FARMS International President Joseph Richter says the Cuban people are very resourceful. "They have learned to do things with very limited input. In fact, recently I read an article where the Cuban inputs were 1 calorie of input for every 12 calories of output. Our American agriculture system and Canadian system, it takes 12 calories of energy to produce 1 calorie of food."

(Image courtesy FARMS International)

In the years FARMS has been operating in Cuba, they've seen people do a lot with a little. Now, with restrictions lifting, "People are catching on a little more to the idea that they can do something on their own and have their own private enterprise." Up until now, FARMS programs have been largely agricultural. "Hog raising, chicken raising, vegetable farming, and one of our loans was for a tractor that's used for plowing and transportation of goods." With the open window widening, "We have a carpentry project that will be for furniture making. We also have some sewing projects scheduled and some other small businesses." Plus, "We're expanding. We've started another loan committee, and there's a third one possible in the country. Continue to pray that there's an open door for this type of thing."

(Photo courtesy FARMS International)

Helping boost the Cuban economy isn't their only aim: helping the Church is. Richter explains, "When a family has an average income of about $10-$15 dollars a month, you can imagine the offerings in the church are very small. It really hinders outreach, typical evangelism, those types of things, and pastor support." They also partner with a group that does leadership training so that future Church growth is sustainable. "They're seeing leaders trained, and more and more people being equipped for doing the ministry. I also think that the FARMS program, the way it's designed with the giving, helps disciple believers." Richter says cautious optimism is still the name of the game. There are still a lot of restrictions placed on the churches and also on enterprise by the present government. However, he adds, "There certainly is an optimism and thankfulness for the FARMS program because it's impossible to get a private loan in Cuba for a family. It's almost unheard of, so for people to get ahead, it's very difficult." Keep praying as FARMS expands their work in an ever-expanding economy in Cuba. Richter shares, "One of the concerns I have about an opening is that maybe even Christian organizations will come into the country and start to make people dependent on the West." Pray for wisdom for the ministry as they look for the right places in which to invest.
Categories: Mission Network News

Ala. Megachurch Pastor David Platt: Sex Trafficking Opponents Need to Stop Watching Porn, Which Fuels Prostitution

Christian Post - Living - Sun, 02/22/2015 - 9:22am
Pastor and Counter Culture author David Platt said society cannot effectively fight sex trafficking until it examines its own pornography use.
Categories: Christian Post

What's the Big Deal About Israel?

Christian Post - Living - Sun, 02/22/2015 - 8:41am
Why is Jerusalem such a big deal in world news? Why aren't we talking about Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, or some other major capital in another part of the world? Why this little city?
Categories: Christian Post

Sunbury cops under investigation

WGRC News - Fri, 02/20/2015 - 2:51pm

Sunbury’s mayor has confirmed that two city police officers there are under investigation. One of them for harassing a female employee at the 911 center in Northumberland County a couple of weeks ago, and the other for allegedly leaving city limits in a police cruiser to meet with a female while on duty. Mayor David Persing has not released the names of either officer and says that other officers may be under investigation for wrongdoings as well. He says firings could result from the investigation’s findings. The city’s police force has 12 members.

Categories: Local News


WGRC News - Fri, 02/20/2015 - 2:50pm

AAA Roadside Assistance is Just an App Away. 7 days a week 24 hours a day. As if dealing with a car breakdown in sub-zero temperatures and wintry conditions isn’t stressful enough, chances are hundreds of other motorists are stuck in the same predicament. AAA reminds motorists that the phone isn’t their only option to call for help. By downloading the free AAA Mobile app, members can ask for help anytime of the day or night by just the click of a button.
By using the app or website, it eliminates the need to contact the call center at a time when the volume of calls for emergency roadside assistance may be more than double a typical winter day. For more information go to AAA.com

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