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...I especially appreciate being able to listen online at my desk at work. Another girl in the office occasionally listens for the afternoon trivia questions with me... Your ministry is truly a blessing in so many ways! (Milton)

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Thank you for your interest in supporting WGRC!

 We appreciate that you've taken the time to visit this part of our website. We welcome your continued involvement through listenership and prayer as we proclaim a message that exalts the name of Jesus Christ. WGRC's programming has been impacting many families since 1988! 

"My 4 boys now ages ranging 19-29 years old have grown up listening to WGRC. It brings joy to my heart to get into their cars and hear their radio turned to your station. Thank you for providing this legacy of Christian music!

(Shirley Snyder, Northumberland - family pictured to the left)


Why do we need your support?

One of the unique features about WGRC vs. commercial radio stations is that we rely completely on the Lord, working through listeners and supporting businesses, for financial underwriting. Without supporting listeners, there would be no WGRC!

Giving Options

So that our present and future programming and ministries may continue, be enhanced and expanded, there are a number of ways currently available for your giving consideration. Please check the options below:

1. GIFTS OF CASH - Options for Individuals, Businesses and Churches

  • Check or Money Order - Send contributions to:
    101 Armory Blvd.
    Lewisburg, PA 17837
  • Credit Card Contributions.
    Use our secure donation page or call 1-800-546-WGRC.  In order to set-up a recurring transaction, please call the station or email here.

2. Grant Underwriter

  • An opportunity for businesses, churches, and organizations to financially support WGRC and receive Donor Acknowledgement Announcements on the radio.
  • For more information or call 1-800-546-WGRC for details on how to join the list of   WGRC underwriters.  


  • If you prefer not to submit your donation online or if you would like to schedule a donation for the future, you may pledge your gift with our convenient pledge form. Upon receipt of your pledge, we will contact you to process your gift.

4. Other Special Gift Options

  • For questions concerning the following methods of gifting, please contact Don Casteline, Operations Manager,at (800)546-WGRC, 570)523-1190 or email here
  • GIFTS OF APPRECIATED ASSETS - Stock and Real Estate Working through our partner, the Mennonite Foundation, any of the following items can be received prior to the sale, in such a way that donors can receive both tax deductions and legal protection from any capital gains taxes, providing a maximum benefit for the gift.
    Appreciated Stock
    If you own appreciated shares of stock that you have held for more than one year, it is often more tax-wise to contribute stock than cash if you itemize deductions on your return. This is because gifts of appreciated stocks generally offer a two-fold tax savings. In addition to receiving an income tax deduction for the full fair market value of your appreciated stock, you receive an additional benefit by avoiding capital gains tax on the appreciation of the stock. Please call us before making any stock gift.
    Real Estate
    A rental property, vacation home, farm, acreage, or a vacant lot may have appreciated in value through the years and its sale results in a sizable capital gains tax. By making a gift of any portion of the property, you avoid the capital gains tax on that portion while receiving a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the property. Please call us before making a real estate gift.
  • LIFE INSURANCE - An Affordable Legacy
    One of the easiest ways to make an estate gift to Salt&Light Media Ministries, Inc. (WGRC) is to make us a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

    A bequest through your will is the simplest form of gift planning. Salt&Light Media Ministries, Inc. (WGRC) can be named as a beneficiary in your will in any one of a number of ways. An outright gift, either a designated dollar amount or percentage of your estate, could be specified. We could also be named as a remainder beneficiary to receive funds only after specific sums have been paid to individual beneficiaries. It may be helpful to know that you can easily add Salt&Light Media Ministries, Inc. (WGRC) to your will through an amendment to your will called a codicil; thus your entire will does not have to be redrafted. We recommend that you consult an attorney who can express your wishes in proper legal language. Most attorneys will write a simplewill for a reasonable fee. We understand that bequest intentions are personal and that you might wish to keep them confidential. If you are willing to share them, we would welcome the opportunity to acknowledge these intentions and make sure that your wishes are understood.
  • PLANNED GIVING - Life Income Annuities and Trusts
    Salt&Light Media Ministries, Inc. (WGRC) works closely with the Mennonite Foundation to offer some of the charitable gift plans listed below.
    Charitable Gift Annuities
    A Charitable Gift Annuity is a simple contract that provides a fixed payment to you for the rest of your life in exchange for a gift to Salt&Light Media Ministries, Inc. (WGRC). In most cases, a portion of the income you receive is tax-free. If you prefer to delay income for a period of time, you may choose a Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity. Deferring income in this way enables you to have higher annuity payments. Charitable Annuities can be funded with cash or by gifting appreciated assets.
    Charitable Remainder Trusts
    A trust that provides income back to you or other beneficiaries for a period of years or for your/their lifetime, is a Charitable Remainder Trust. The balance remaining in the trust after the income beneficiaries have passed away is distributed to the charity(ies) of your choice. Charitable Trusts can be funded with cash or by gifting appreciated assets.
    Charitable Lead Trust
    A Charitable Lead Trust is an estate planning tool that allows you to transfer the income from an asset to charity while having the asset itself revert to your family after a period of years. This can be an excellent planning tool for those individuals and couples that are most concerned about the effects of estate taxes upon their heirs.