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 “I recently spent about 3 weeks in the hospital where I couldn’t get WGRC. It surely made me realize how grateful I am for God blessing me with such a wonderful Christian Radio Station. Thank you so much.” (Sunbury)

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WGRC-PSA Guidelines


At WGRC, we will gladly list events for FREE for non-profit organizations such as community organizations, ministries, schools and churches.  We strive to treat each submitted announcement as being special, but there are situations when announcements fail to get on the air. To have your event listed on the WGRC Calendar Countdown please follow these guidelines when submitting your announcement:

Basic Guidelines:

  • All PSAs must be received by WGRC at least three weeks before the event date or registration deadline.
  • Include who, what, when, where, and include a contact number with AREA CODE.
  • Check for spelling errors and irregular capitalization (including all “CAPS”) to avoid delays.

Content Guidelines:

  • If the event is a fundraiser, please indicate specifically who the proceeds will benefit.
  • WGRC reserves the right to refrain from promoting events/activities which may not be consistent with our Christian format.  WGRC will only air bingo and Chinese auction events if 100% of the proceeds directly benefit a non-profit charity/organization.  (Note: This must be clearly stated within the information submitted to WGRC.)
  • If there are names in the announcement that could easily be mispronounced, please provide some type of phonetic spelling to help us.

Additional Information:

  • At this time we cannot list regular service times for churches; however special one-time church events are welcome.
  • WGRC will consider using pre-produced announcements although they may be edited for content and/or time restraints.

Events may be submitted online by email to:  email@WGRC.com or through mail (101 Armory Blvd., Lewisburg, PA 17837).

WGRC reserves the right to reject any announcement that does not meet the outlined criteria.

Example PSA:

Christ Church in Yourtown will host a spaghetti dinner on May 31. Costs are $7 for adults and $3 for children ages six to twelve. Proceeds benefit the youth group summer mission trip. The church is located on Some Street in Yourtown. For more information, call the church office at 222-555-5555.