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I drive one hour each way back and forth for work Monday through Friday&sometimes on the weekend. WGRC is always on the radio when I am in the car. The uplifting music and Christian programs are treasured opportunities for me to worship God and help me stay centered throughout the day. A few years ago, my son was killed in a motorcycle accident. I took a week off from work but then had to go back. It was all I could do to keep myself together during the months after his death and the hour drive each way for work was unbearable at times. I always kept WGRC on the radio and would focus on the message in the music&the scriptures that were shared which many times felt like they were directed at me at the time I needed it most. I know this was God’s way of holding me in the palms of his hands to assure me that he was with me. It was a very painful time but I felt His presence and gradually a peace that those without faith in God could never understand. (Williamsport)

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Get Real 2011 Youth Talent Contest Finalists!

The 5th annual competition was held March 31st. It was a job well done by all 20 participants!  Pictured, in alphabetical order, below are the 3 Senior Division Finalists and 4 Junior Division Finalists.  Further down the finalists are pictured competing at the WGRC studios during recording of the 'Get Real' program.

The Senior Division winner is:  Lauren Elsasser of Mifflinburg

The Junior Division winner is: Dexter Ehrenzeller of McAlisterville

Both winners will perform during WGRC Day At Knoebels on Friday, August 5th. 

Additional Images: 
Lauren Elsasser, Mifflinburg, SR Division Finalist
Krissy Kline, Muncy, SR Division Finalist
His Storm, Millville, SR Division Finalist
Dexter Ehrenzeller, McAlisterville, JR Division Finalist
Hannah Koss, Lewisburg, JR Division Finalist
Leah Marshall, New Cumberland, JR Division Finalist
Devon Seawood, Watsontown, JR Division Finalist
Leah Marshall in studio (JR Division)
Dexter Ehrenzeller in studio (JR Division)
Hannah Koss in studio (JR Division)
Devon Seawood in studio (JR Division)
Watching the JR Division Finalists
Lauren Elsasser, Mifflinburg, SR Division Finalist
His Storm, Millville, SR Division Finalist
Krissy Kline, Muncy, SR Division Finalist